3 Tips to Ride Upwind in Kitesurfing

By riding into the wind, you can move in any direction. Up to a 45-degree angle to the wind, kitesurfers can fly their kites anywhere. This shows that you are sailing in the opposite direction of the wind.

Upwind kitesurfing differentiates beginners from intermediate and advanced kitesurfers. Riding upwind becomes simpler when the wind is stronger. You will need to explore the wind window in search of speed and power in light winds. Here are some tips for riding upwind at high speed.

High Speed

To ride upwind, you need to be fast. In your kiteboarding lessons, you will be guided to go a little downwind to get faster, then lean back to begin riding upwind. You will faceplant if you ride too quickly or too slowly.

You are going too slowly if you sink. Increase the kite’s speed and power by raising and lowering it. You will be able to go fast enough when you can lean into the harness and let the bar out a little.

Proper Edging

Once you know how to perform edging, you can easily adjust your board speed so you can focus on making the kite fly right. To ride upwind, you need to edge properly. To keep tension in the lines and keep the kite generating apparent wind, simply lean back on the heel side of your kiteboard. To ensure proper kite riding position, bend your back leg and straighten your front leg.

Position of the Bar

A lot of people get this one wrong because they pull the bar in too far. If you are not used to wearing a harness, it is simple to do; however, it will take some time to get used to the appropriate position and comfortable leaning into the harness. The most important thing is to keep the lines in the right tension; too much and the kite will stall, but not enough and you won’t have enough power to keep going. In normal riding situations, your bar should not be fully in or out but rather in the middle of the depower line.

These essential tips can help you get there faster, but nothing is better than taking professional Kite Surfing Lessons in Melbourne. An experienced kitesurfing instructor will guide and help you correct mistakes while riding.

Go Upwind on Your Kiteboard

Kitesurfing upwind can take a little while to get right. Once you have learned it, you will be able to ride for hours safely. Whether you have never touched a kite before or want to learn a different style of riding, we have something for you. Contact us today to know more about our easy to understand Kite Surfing Lessons in Melbourne.

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