Kiteboarding Lessons in Melbourne

Beginner-Friendly Kiteboarding Lessons in Melbourne to Feed Your Taste for Adventure 

The Zu Kite Club offers kiteboarding lessons in Melbourne to help you hit the water more smoothly, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced kitesurfer. Anyone can learn to kiteboard, and taking a few lessons will help get you started on your journey towards living the kiting lifestyle. All of our instructors are Kiteboarding Australia (KA)/ International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) certified. At The Zu, we put a lot of time and effort in ongoing training of our instructors, and we emphasise customer safety and fun


We offer various lesson types to suit your journey in kiteboarding. Whether you’ve never touched a kite before or wanting to try a new style of riding, we have something for you.

We have a very multi-cultural team so you can learn kiting in your most comfortable language! Our instructors together can accommodate English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Japanese.


Please refer to our Live Wind and Forecast page at before booking a lesson for a better chance of wind!

You can also follow us on our instagram page where we post weekly updates on which days are mostly likely to be suitable conditions for lessons! 

We are currently closed during winter months (May-Sept). Lessons will recommence in October 2024.

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At store AfterPay accepted for the balance (negative deposit paid online) payable at your first lesson!

Flex 2h Lesson

1 person: $289
2 people: $349

kitesurfing lesson
  • Tailored lesson depending on your experience 
  • For those who have taken lessons before and need a refresher
  • Discounted rate available for additional lessons after completing the 6h Package
  • ***Complete beginner students are unlikely to get to try riding the board within the first 2 hours. Please see below for general progression below for more detail***

6hr Package

1 person: $739
2 people: $899

  • Designed for people who have never touched a kite before
  • For more detail on general progression, please keep reading below!
  • 2hr lesson on 3 separate days (or time slots)
  • If you finished taking lessons but are not confident enough to go out by yourself, Supervised Hire may be for you!

10hr Package

1 person: $1,199
2 people: $1,415

  • Designed for people who want to become an independent kitesurfer
  • 2hr lesson on 5 separate days (or time slots) 
  • Includes 1 free Supervised Hire session for you to build your confidence and independence (exclusive discount available for further lessons and hire)
  • Includes 1 free Zu Kite Club T-shirt of your choice

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  • All 2 people lessons are with 1 instructor and 1 kite between the 2 students for safety reasons. If both of you are in trouble, the instructor can only assist one person at a time, and things can happen very quickly. 
  • 2 people lessons are perfect for sharing your experience with your friend, family, partner etc. However, this may not be the best option for you if you want to get into the sport fast as you will be sharing one kite between the two of you during lessons (meaning you will be with the kite only half of the time). 
  • All equipment is provided for all lessons above (we recommend students to bring their own wetsuits if they have one for comfort).
  • All lessons are subject to cancellation and may be rescheduled depending on weather conditions for maximum customer satisfaction and safety of our students and instructors.
  • Please see Terms and Conditions for Lesson Cancellation and Rain Check Policy for more detail.

6hr Package and General Progression

Step 1 – Kite Control

In the first 45 minutes to 1 hour, you will learn about the wind, how to set-up the kite and learn important safety procedures on the beach. The rest of the session, you will be learning how to pilot the kite in the water.

Kite control is the bread and butter of kiting. We will spend a lot of time with kite control so that you are safe to advance to Step 2.

Step 2 – Body Drags

In this step you will learn more advanced kite control in the water. You will learn how to let the kite pull you in different directions, how to start creating power and learn an important safety procedure called the “self-rescue”. After this step you should have developed the necessary skills to try and ride the board!

Step 3 – Board Riding

Putting it all together! During this step, you will learn the skills required to stand up on the board and get riding. Other board sports experiences can help with riding the board but you will need to learn how to ride the board to both left and right! This step is designed to equip you with all the skills you need to practice on your own and go from riding to ripping!


  • The above steps are for general guides only.
  • The rate of progression varies between individuals. We do not guarantee that all steps will be achieved by the end of the 6hr or 10hr package.

Next Step: Independent Rider

Being able to ride the board and being an independent in kitesurfing is not quite the same. You need know how to ride both directions, ride and stay upwind, have confidence riding in different wind strength/conditions, know what to do in emergency situations (wind dies, equipment malfunction) etc. This takes several more hours of practice under supervision. Don’t get discouraged though, we are here to help you progress the whole way through! 

Advanced Lessons

Kite Foiling Lesson

1 person only: $149 / 1h
1 person only: $289 / 2h 

  • For people who are already able to kiteboard
  • Hydrofoiling requires adequate kite control skills. 
    If you are still a beginner in kiteboarding, this may not be suitable for you. Feel free to contact us if you are unsure!

Advanced Riding Lesson

1 person only: $149 / 1h
1 person only: $289 / 2h

  • For people who are already able to kiteboard 
  • We can tailor this lesson to what you want to learn. Tricks and styles of riding include: transitions, jumps, kite loops, unhooking, directional board (surfboard) etc.
  • Please contact us before booking a lesson so that we can accommodate the right instructor for you

COVID-19 Testing and Isolation Cancellation Policy

If you must get tested and isolate due to being a close contact to a COVID-19 positive case or tested positive to COVID-19, you must let us know as soon as possible. No deductions will be applied for cancelling 48h before your lesson commencement time if you provide us with a proof of a COVID-19 test. If you fail to provide us with a proof of COVID-19 test for the lesson you are cancelling, the cancellation deduction will be applied as stated in our Terms and Conditions. 


Five Reasons Why You Should Learn To Kiteboard

Kitesurfing is for everyone! If you’ve ever been drawn to the colourful kites hovering above the water on your way past the beach, taking a few kitesurfing classes is your ticket to joining in the fun. With so many physical, mental, and social benefits, it’s no wonder kiteboarding has become one of the world’s most popular adventure sports. Here are a few reasons why our students love to learn kitesurfing with us in Melbourne.

Why You Should Learn To Kiteboard

  • You get to learn an exciting new skill. Challenging yourself to learn something new is good for your mind. Practicing and developing your kiting skills releases endorphins and few things beat the happiness and satisfaction this exciting hobby brings. You never have an excuse not to go to the beach once you know how to kitesurf, and spending hours on the water will soon become a part of your lifestyle. 
  • Kiting is good for your body and mind. Kitesurfing is an active hobby that helps keep you fit and healthy. You don’t need to be very strong to start kiting – you’ll attach your kite to a harness, so your arms don’t take all the strain of holding on to it. Being out on the water can also be a meditative experience that helps calm your mind and lowers stress levels. Steering the kite also keeps your brain active throughout the fun.
  • You get to experience nature up close. There’s a difference between watching the waves from the beach and seeing them from your board. Kitesurfing exposes you to the wind, the water, and everything in between. You’ll start to understand the weather more and develop a newfound respect for the environment through kiting. Look out for birds, fish, dolphins and fascinating aquatic ecosystems during your adventures in the water.
  • You can kitesurf anywhere in the world. Kiteboarding and traveling go hand-in-hand. Learning how to kitesurf allows you to explore exotic destinations in a new way. There are countless breathtaking kiting spots worldwide, and you can kitesurf on almost any body of water. The convenience of kites is that they fit in a backpack-sized bag and all of the gear fits in in one go. You’re never too old to kiteboard, and you can add kiting to your itinerary every time you travel.


What To Expect From Your First Kiteboarding Class

We love meeting beginners at our kiteboarding lessons in St Kilda, Melbourne. Our kitesurfing lessons are easy to join – all you have to do is book a time and show up! It’s normal to feel some uncertainty about stepping out of your comfort zone, but once you get on the board, it will all be worth it. Here’s what you can expect from your first kiteboarding class with us:

What To Expect From Your First Kiteboarding Class

  • Kitesurfing safety skills. Learning to participate in watersports safely helps prevent injuries and get the most out of your sessions. We’ll start by teaching you how to assess the area for safe kiting conditions, including reading the wind strength and direction and understanding the tides. Knowing how to kitesurf safely will boost your confidence when you head out on your own for the first time.
  • How to set up the kite. We’ll show you how to prepare your equipment properly on the beach. You’ll learn how to lay out your lines, inflate your kite, and set up your s before entering the water. Once you know how to set up the kite, we’ll help you launch it so you can start learning to control it in the air. After your lesson, you’ll learn to pack up your gear correctly to keep it safe for the next session.
  • Kite control. Steering and controlling your kite are the most fundamental parts of kitesurfing. First, we’ll use a trainer kite to understand how to fly the kite. Then, once we launch the kite, we practice flying it in knee to waist-height water. You’ll get a feel for the wind and how to direct your kite in the air. Once you’ve mastered control on land, we’ll show you how to do some body drags in the water. You’ll let the kite pull you in different directions and learn how to relaunch when it crashes and self-rescue in case of an emergency.
  • Standing up on your board. Standing up on your board for the first time is an exhilarating experience! Once you’ve developed your kite control skills, it’s time to put them into practice and start riding the water on your board. We’ll show you some techniques for standing up smoothly and how to find your balance on the water. Once you can stand up, you’ll learn some right of way rules to keep you safe when you head out with other kitesurfers.


Kiteboarding Classes for Every Experience Level

We offer kitesurfing lessons in Melbourne for all skill levels. You’re never too old or too young to learn to kitesurf, and we enjoy sharing our passion for kiteboarding with people from all walks of life. Keep reading to find out more about our classes and what you can learn at each stage in your kitesurfing journey.

6h Course

  • You have never touched a kite before: First-time kitesurfers are welcome! Our 6hr package is the best way to learn how to kitesurf from scratch. We’ll show you everything you need to know about getting started during three two-hour lessons over three days. We can also teach the entire beginner’s course in a full day of learning if you don’t live near St Kilda. Our kitesurfing lessons always progress at a pace that feels comfortable for you.
  • You’ve had kiting lessons once or twice: Maybe you’ve tried kitesurfing before, and you want some guided practice before you head back out on your own. We offer 2-hour refresher lessons tailored to your experience levels. After your initial beginner’s classes, you can add these lessons to expand your skills and gain more confidence. People who complete the 6-hour starter course will get a discounted rate on any additional 2-hour lessons.
  • You want to brush up on your skills: If you’re an intermediate kitesurfer with some practice behind you, taking a few kitesurf lessons can help refresh your memory on the basics. Heading out for a session with a kiteboarding instructor can help you get better at tricky techniques and overcome your typical challenges in the water. Having regular refresher lessons enables you to develop more streamlined skills. 
  • You want to learn new styles of kiting: There are many different ways to rip up the water on a kiteboard. We can help you expand your skills to include new styles, such as freestyling, wave riding, and hydrofoiling. You can experiment with the different types of kiteboarding equipment we use depending on the style you’re trying to master without needing to buy a brand-new set of gear.
  • You’re a fairly confident kitesurfer: We offer advanced riding lessons to help you become a master kitesurfer. Once you’ve figured out the basics and you’re confident in the water on your own, we can teach you how to do a wide range of tricks and jumps. You might need some refresher lessons on the building blocks of doing tricks, such as smooth water starts and riding upwind.


Learn To Kitesurf in Melbourne With the Zu Kite Club

The Zu Kite Club is a dynamic group of kitesurfing instructors passionate about sharing our love for the wind and the water with beginners and experienced kitesurfers alike. We offer a range of kitesurfing lessons in St Kilda, Melbourne. Our kiteboarding lessons are designed to make you feel confident and safe when you head out by yourself, focusing on teaching you essential safety and kite control skills. We would love to welcome you to the kiting community.

Contact us to start kitesurfing today!