Live Wind & Forecast

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We generally check the live wind at different locations on

We also post our weekly recommended days for lessons on our instagram so follow us there!

Our favourite and probably most trusted forecast is by Willy Weather

Their data is primarily based on BOM (and other sources). Of course we’re in Melbourne so forecasts are more like a suggestion than anything… For your first lesson, we are looking at more than 13 knots. For your second and third lessons we’re looking at those arrows to turn light blue (at least 15 knots). 

We only kite and teach in St Kilda when it’s S, SW, W directions (anything between S to W) when it’s cross-on or on-shore winds. Not on off-shore wind conditions unless you have a boat. When arrows are pointing upwards (North in above graph), that means the wind is blowing from South to North and we call that a Southerly

They don’t account for sea breeze though so when its warm (>21 but <29deg) and sunny over the city from the morning and early afternoon, the wind blows harder than the forecast on here. Sometimes it’ll kick in at 12, sometimes 3pm, that’s a lot harder to predict.

Windy is another good forecast app, more visual and can see different locations at the same time! If you’re planning a trip to different locations, this one is the one to use!