Come join us in Brazil 2024

The Zu Kite Club is going on the Brazil kite adventure ???? again & again! 

We’re going to Brazil again x2. Because we absolutely loved it the last 2 years. 

Brazil, in particular the North East is the kiting Mecca of South America. There are only a few places in the world that deserves that title in the world. The other two most famous spots being Cape Town in South Africa and Tarifa in Spain.

What makes Brazil the world’s best? Well, the wind blows all day long, period. You wake up and it’s blowing. You’re going to bed and it’s still blowing. The trade winds along the equator and the unique geographical spot of the coast (pointy tip of NE Brazil) compresses the wind and blows due to a Venturi effect. The whole 300+km of the coastline is kitable. The more North you go, the harder the wind gets compressed and blows harder. And there are so many spots that provide different conditions and you can find any playground you could imagine (flat water lagoons, waves, big air, and anything inbetween).

Kitesurfing spot in Atins Brazil

Because the coast is so long and diverse, kite spots are never crowded (unless you go to famous lagoons such as Taiba or Cauipe where all the Pro riders train). There is a reason why most Pro riders go there to train every single year. Yes, you might get to watch some of the most famous kiters throwing the hardest and biggest tricks right in front of you while you’re having lunch. 


If you’re not convinced yet, we’ll give you a few more reasons why you really don’t wanna miss this trip.

  1. You’re going to PROGRESS your riding to the next level because we will be coaching you on whatever you want to learn.  We’re running clinics for different levels/tricks with the perfect conditions on your back. If you’re keen to progress and learn new skills, we’re there to get you there. Anything from kiteloops, boosting big air, surf, and unhooked freestyle. You’re gonna come back and go out on a session at St Kilda when the season starts again and your mates that didn’t come on the trip will (hopefully) go “Wow, they’ve gotten way better. I should have gone to Brazil.”

2. You’re coming with a dozen of Melbourne kiters who are dying to kite (without a wetsuit) and get away from the cold and rainy winter days. The people on the trip may become your best mates, going on kiting trips together everywhere from now on. You’ll also meet so many other kiters while we’re there, and I gotta say the Brazilians, South Americans and the Europeans (many Europeans) know how to send it on and off the water.

3. The scenery there is absolutely beautiful. Every small fishing village you come across, every kite spot, every beach is unique and you’re going to love every second of it. The food is also so yummy, the people are so kind, and most places are so cheap! (except very touristy areas which are European owned and priced). 

 join The Zu in Brazil



August 26 (arrive at Fortaleza Airport by 11AM) to Sept 9 (back at Fortaleza in the afternoon/evening). 

You may choose to arrive on the 18th to be ready to drive in the morning of the 19th & you may also choose to fly out on the 3rd. 


Deposit: $1,000 to secure your spot.
AUD$3,900 for 2-person shared room if payed in full by March 31, 2024. AUD $4,200 thereafter. 

AUD$4,900 for private room if payed in full by March 31, 2024. AUD$5,200 thereafter. 

**Flights NOT included – around AUD$2,700-3,500 round trip from Melbourne ** 


  • Ability to ride upwind consistently 
  • Will need a kiting travel bag to fit all your gear (we will not take any responsibility over your luggage) 

Wind conditions: 

18-25 knots in Combuco, Paracuru 
20-30 knots in Ilha de Guajiru and Preà
20-35 knots further North 


What’s included?

  • Airport pick-up & drop-off arranged
  • Total of 14 nights accommodation at 4-5 different locations
  • 4×4 Transport everywhere 
  • 3-4 progression clinics w/ The Zu Team  
  • Progression tips all day long
  • Breakfast every morning 
  • 4 lunches/dinners (including Argentinian Asado, Pizza Night, Brazilian BBQ etc) 
  • Photos and videos of you shredding
  • Visit to world’s most famous kiting spots along the coast
  • Special Zu x Brazil rashie 


  • Lots of kiting. So much kiting. 
  • Day trips to different kite spots (or taking a day off from kiting and relaxing by the pool if you like)
  • Visit to the world famous Combuco/Taiba lagoons if requested
  • Closing party on the last night

Main kite spots we will be hitting (new spots added – Paracuru and Guriu) 

  • Paracuru: The wave spot Quebra Mar, located east of Paracuru, is considered one of the best wave spots in this region. Here, a reef about 330 yd in the sea breaks the waves. Unless there is a large tidal range, you can kite over the reef almost everywhere without hesitation at medium water levels, flat between clean waves.
  • Ilha de Guajiru: One of Brazil’s top flat water spots with a flat sandbar creating a huge lagoon. For wave lovers, you can cross the sandbar and you can play with the waves all day long. Perfect spot for all levels of riding
  • Preá: Enjoy the wind range of 20-30 knots every day in the amazing scenery. You can find anything from flats to waves and everything in-between. You can expect a beautiful downwinder all the way to Jericoacoara (Jeri) and never have to worry about riding upwind to do the next trick. 20mins from the Iconic Jeri where you’ll see the most beautiful sunset in Brazil and where we will be joining one of the most famous beach “Baladas”.
  • Macapa: Kilometers of wave riding and number of lagoons for flats, and stronger winds up to 35knots at times. The town is absolutely a kiter’s paradise.
  • Guriu: The shallow water spot Guriu is exactly halfway between Jericoacoara and Tatajuba. Kiteboarding takes place here in an estuary on the beach of Guriu, the so-called Praia de Guriú. Since the entire kite spot has standing-depth water, there are also regular courses for beginners from Jeri.


Kite spot in Ilha do guajiru

Visa & vaccines etc. 

Have a look at this video by North & Bruna Kajiya for some of the spots we’re hitting!