This depends on the individual but the average is around 10h of lessons. Check out Supervised Hire if you’ve finished taking lessons but need some supervision on the water! https://www.thezu.com.au/kiteboarding-equipment-rental-hire/

Being able to ride the board and being independent is a little different. Being independent means you can ride upwind, launch and land the kite safely, and do a self-rescue in deep water if necessary.

The best conditions are Southerly or South Westerly winds. Westerly winds tend to be directly onshore and you would need to be able to ride upwind well in order to kite on those days.

We do not teach or kite at West Beach when the wind blows from South East, North West, North, or Easterly winds due to side offshore and offshore wind conditions.

Kites and lines do occasionally get tangled up with another person’s kite (quire rare). Your instructor will go over what to do in this situation at the beginning of your lesson.

There are safety systems at the bar in place that will minimise risk of injury and damage to the gear.

We will give you credit for the remainder of the lesson time to be used on your next lesson.

This can be for various reasons but the main reasons are:
– The wind is not strong enough
– Too strong
– Wrong direction

There may be other reasons including the instructor is unexpectedly sick, injured, or needs to be tested for COVID-19 following Victorian Government guidelines.

If you cannot select a date on the calendar prompt, that means it is fully booked on that day. Instructor availability is updated regularly. Please check back to see if your desired date and time are available (as cancellation and rescheduling happen often). During the holiday season, availability may be limited due to higher demands of customers.

Generally the answer is no since there are many things you should look out for when you’re buying gear as a beginner. We advise that you wait until you complete your lessons before purchasing gear.

One thing that you can buy before your lessons would be a wetsuit as this can provide maximum comfort during a lesson.

There is a very big (and good) second-hand gear market in Melbourne. Join Melbourne Kiteboarding Hookup Facebook page and you will find lots of gear for sale.
We can recommend gear based on your skill level, budget, weight etc. Come talk to us and we can assist you with this!

Typically lesson credits will expire 1 year after the purchase date as outlined in our Terms and Conditions (https://www.thezu.com.au/about-us/warranty-terms/).

In case of unforeseen illness, injury or other circumstances whereby the customer is unable to complete lessons within 1 year after the purchase date, we will take special considerations when presented with documentation outlining said circumstances.