Group Progression Session

Australian Freestyle Nationals at Maroochydoor, Jan 2022 ft. Ewan Jaspan (Australian Freestyle Champion for about a decade)
Australian Freestyle National Championship at Maroochydoor, Jan 2022 ft. Ewan Jaspan on the left (Australian Freestyle Champion for about a decade or more), Carlos in the middle, and Hayato on the right

I still remember the first time I ever landed a handle pass trick. It actually took me years.

That feeling was like no other. I had shivers and I was yelling like crazy!

Since then I remember all the first times I landed different tricks. I wished I had someone who would give me tips and pointers on what I was doing wrong. That would have saved me so many sessions. Seriously, months if not years.

What is a Group Progression Session?

It is structured for you and your mates to ride together and repetitively practice the tricks you want to work on (doesn’t have to be the same trick amongst all of you). We will be coaching you with tips and pointers, how to improve your riding, land your trick, and accelerate your progress. 

These Progression Sessions were tested on our Zu Brazil trip and we concluded that 2-3 students to 1 coach ratio works the best. You will be coming back to the same point you started (where the coach is standing), and get feedback as often as you like. This could be every tack, or every 3rd/4th tack, whatever suits you.

We also found that 1.5hr sessions are optimum for most riders without getting too tired or losing your focus. These sessions are fun, but also tiring as you are riding harder and with much more focus than your normal sessions. 

These sessions will be run by our head instructors Carlos and Hayato. Carlos specialises in all three disciplines below and Hayato specialises in Wakestyle/Freestyle and Freeride. 


How to sign up 

  1. Make a group of 2 or 3 
  2. Choose a Discipline of riding from Big Air (high jumps +/- rotations, heli-looping), Wakestyle/Freestyle (unhooking, raley, surface handle-pass, air pass), Freeride (back-rolls, front-rolls, riding blind, transitions with rotations, kite-loops, dark slides etc), or general riding (upwind, toe-side water start etc). See below for more details of each discipline. 
  3. Call or message us which tricks each person wants help with (we recommend having 2-3 tricks on your list as you may complete one and want to move on, or mix it up for variations)
  4. Together we will work out a time where the conditions are suitable for the discipline/tricks


1.5hr Group Progression Session

Group of 2: $125/person
Group of 3: $83/person

Kiting Disciplines Offered


This includes anything from riding toe-side, various transitions, kite loop transitions, dark-slides etc.

This discipline is really the “whatever you want to do” area and you can be as creative as you like! Mayne you’d wanna try a triple bankroll transition! 

Big Air

Big Air used to be called “Old School”, except it has made a huge come back in the last 3 to 4years and now it is the most common discipline once you are comfortable with Free-riding. Boost high, throw in some rotations, board-offs, heli-loops, and the infamous kite-loops for extra height and pull! 


By far the most technical and physically demanding discipline of all. You will crash 200+ times before you land your next unhooked trick. But also the most rewarding when landing that trick. Learn how to pop with a stable kite at 45, learn to ride blind, then a surface pass, maybe even pass the bar in the air (air-pass) if you’re dedicated enough! 

IMPORTANT – please read:

  • All progression sessions are with 1 coach only.
  • Sessions will start on the beach. You must be ready to launch your kite and get in the water for your scheduled time.
  • You must be a competent rider (minimum riding both directions and being able to stay on the same tack as where you started, and with knowledge and experience of a self-rescue).
  • Equipment is NOT provided nor include in the price. Each student must have their own equipment (you can hire equipment from us if necessary).
  • The rate of progression varies between individuals. We do not guarantee that you will be able to achieve your requested tricks by the end of the session.
  • All sessions are subject to cancellation and may be rescheduled depending on weather conditions for maximum customer satisfaction and safety of our students and coaches.
  • Please see Terms and Conditions for Session Cancellation and Rain Check Policy for more detail.