Know the Different Styles of Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is more than a sport. Not only kitesurfing is addictive, but the fact that you are completely dependent on the weather elements makes you organize your life around the wind forecast.

When you are out there on the water, it is you, your quality equipment and mother nature. In that way, kitesurfing is a solo sport. Of course, you are sharing the space with other kiters, but ultimately, you are the only one feeling the real sensations from your own riding experience. For some people, kitesurfing is a yoga challenge for the mind and body and this is very satisfying.

Kitesurfing can be practiced in several ways. The ways one can express themselves in kitesurfing vary greatly.


Freestyle is generally used in worldwide competitions. Freestyle is a popular form although is not recommended for everyone, as it needs a strong dedication to progress and go bigger, learn unhooked tricks and kite loop yourself into zero gravity for a second.

Freeride Style

Freeride is considered the most popular kitesurfing style because it is the natural path of progression after you have become a well-trained kiter. Freeride is about enjoying your free time on the water without boundaries, performing safe tricks while flying, exploring coastlines around the world and looping yourself around.

Wave Riding Style

This is another famous riding style for those who enjoy carving a board in the waves to experience a feeling close to tow-in surfing. In this style, the kiter gets into position with the pull of the kite and catches the wave to ride it down. Wave riding style involves the use of a directional board.

Hydrofoil Style

An exceptional style in kitesurfing, hydrofoil makes use of a board mounted on a mast with a wing underneath that enables the rider to hover on the water. The sensations can be described as riding a magic carpet. The hydrofoil style is the perfect alternative when the wind is light.

Above mentioned are just four of the most popular kitesurfing styles, but some people enjoy other forms such as racing, wakestyle, speed riding, etc.

Kitesurfing in St. Kilda offers infinite possibilities. Some riders enjoy riding larger kites, with smaller twin tip boards to elevate waves and do board offs while other riders enjoy riding small kites with a surfboard and playing in the high waves. You must have kitesurfing beginner lessons to ensure that you know what to do when you are on the water.

Learn a New Style of Riding with Professionals

Kitesurfing is a superb sport that everyone should learn and practice. Join easy to learn kitesurfing lessons with us! At Zu Kite Club, we provide various lesson types to suit your journey in kiteboarding. Contact us today to learn more about Kitesurfing in St. Kilda.

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