Kiteboarding Lessons

Kiteboarding Lessons

BTW, kiteboarding and kitesurfing are the same thing. (We just call it “kiting”)

Windsurfing is not.

We offer various lesson types to suit your journey in kiteboarding. Whether you’ve never touched a kite before or wanting to try a new style of riding, we have something for you. 

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We are currently contacting our clients on the waitlist. The link below will be activated as soon as we have the capacity to provide lessons to more customers.

If you have any questions regarding booking, please contact us directly at 0405685729


Flex 2h Lesson

1 person: $279
2 people: $379

  • Tailored lesson depending on your experience 
  • Get a taste of what kiteboarding is all about
  • For those who have taken lessons before and need a refresher
  • Discounted rate available for additional lessons after completing the Full 6h Course

Full 6h Course

1 person: $719
2 people: $969

  • Designed for people who have never touched a kite before 
  • Gets you from setting up the kite to riding the board 
  • 2h lesson on 3 separate days  
  • For more detail, please see

Riding in one day

1 person: $849
2 people: $1,199

  • Designed for people who don’t live close to St. Kilda or Melbourne 
  • Total up to 7h of lessons (weather permitting) in one day including lunch and coffee at the West Beach Pavilion
  • Please contact us directly so that we can arrange the most suitable day depending on the forecast

Kite Foiling Lesson

1 person only: $149 / 1h
1 person only: $299 / 2h 

North Kiteboarding 2020 - Sense - The Zu Boardsports

  • For people who are already able to kiteboard
  • Hydrofoiling requires adequate kite control skills. 
    If you are still a beginner in kiteboarding, this may not be suitable for you. Feel free contact us if you are unsure!

Advanced Riding Lesson

1 person only: $139 / 1h
1 person only: $279 / 2h

North Kiteboarding 2020 Flare - The Zu Boardsports

  • For people who are already able to kiteboard 
  • We can tailor this lesson to what you want to learn. Tricks and styles of riding include: transitions, jumps, kite loops, unhooking, directional board (surfboard) etc.
  • Please contact us before booking a lesson so that we can accommodate the right instructor for you


  • All 2 people lessons are with 1 instructor and 1 kite between the 2 students for safety reasons. 
  • All equipment is provided for all lessons above (we recommend students to bring their own wetsuits if they have one for comfort)
  • All lessons are subject to cancellation and may be rescheduled depending on weather conditions for maximum customer satisfaction and safety of our students and instructors  

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