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15-08-2011 Hits:5433 Latest News Super User

Severne extension wins Boards Mag test

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15-08-2011 Hits:4820 Latest News Super User

The Zu World first ?

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15-08-2011 Hits:6210 Latest News Super User

New Naish SUP Raceboards

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15-08-2011 Hits:5217 Latest News Super User

Ben Wilson checks out The ZU

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15-08-2011 Hits:4350 Latest News Super User

Bjorn is the new World Champ !

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15-08-2011 Hits:5090 Latest News Super User

Great Value:  2012 Severne Swat

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15-08-2011 Hits:4492 Latest News Super User

World Champ at The Zu

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15-08-2011 Hits:6556 Latest News Super User

The Zu Boardsports By Katani

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Latest News 1

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noise kite

Ben Wilson Surf

What makes Ben an inspiration to all kiters is his passion for the sport, his undying desire to find the perfect wave and his ability to bring them all to the public eye. Better check out his outstanding products.

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 Maui Ultra Fins

MUFins deliver a unmatched stability and speed, unbelievable upwind performance, they are extremely spin-out resistant, great in jibing and super loose on the waves. Nothing else compares.

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New 9'5" Naish Alana

Naish is bringing out a new SUP range specific for women, the ne Alana is based on last years 9'5" Mana this board looks great and should be lot's of fun to paddle in the Bay and waves.

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 Penny skateboards

Penny – The one and only original plastic skateboard.  Oh Penny we have missed you, but now you have finally returned!

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