Kitesurfing Myths You Need to Know

Kitesurfing is the perfect way to experience the beautiful world as you have never done before. It offers you freedom from everyday life. Kitesurfing allows you to unwind and exercise at the same time. Anyone willing to try it can have a life-changing experience.

Here are the main kitesurfing myths that prevent people from learning how to kitesurf.

Myth 1. Kitesurfing is a risky watersport

The kites are much safer and simpler to handle, they can release a lot of power when the wind blows, and you can easily get off the kite if you think something will go wrong. It all comes down to common sense, safe equipment, and the right training, just like everything else in life.

Myth 2. You are young/old/fatty/skinny

If you want to try something new, don’t let your age keep you from doing so. Harnesses can assist with back problems, even if you have had them in the past. Also, kiteboarding requires less physical effort than it seems. Therefore, age is not at all an excuse. No matter your weight or height, there are sizes of kite and board that will fit most kitesurfers. The great thing about kitesurfing is that no one is judging you.

Myth 3. Kitesurfing is only for the physically fit

Of course, fitness is important in any sport. Different from snowboarding or windsurfing, you don’t need to have the physical strength to kitesurf safely. You will be balancing the kite with your body rather than your arms because the majority of the pull comes through the harness. Kitesurfing can be done by anyone of a normal fitness level, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t workout. And you won’t even be aware that it will help you get in shape.

Myth 4. Kitesurfing is very hard to learn

As much as learning speed varies from individual to individual, kitesurfing isn’t as complex as it seems. Around 70% of kitesurfing comes down to mastering flying the kite and the board work plays the remaining 30%. You will learn to kitesurf quickly with the help of experienced instructors.

To ensure safety you need to take Melbourne Kiteboarding Lessons. There are many factors to consider – kite control, board control, land, and water safety, safe launching and landing, and the rules for sharing the water with other kiters and water users, and many other things you will learn during the course.

Get on the Water with Melbourne Kiteboarding Lessons

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