Windsurfing Foil Demo Day – Sat 16th Dec 2017

With so much buzz around the surf industry about Foils and Foilboarding The Zu Boardsports is proud to hold a season opener Windsurfing Foiling Demo Day.

Major Brands will be available for demo on the day. These include Starboard, Fanatic, Slingshot and Naish.

Elwood Beach – In Front of the Elwood Sailing Club

Activities begin
12:30pm – Free Kids Windsurf Lessons
2:30pm – Windsurfing Hydrofoil Presentation and Clinic
3:00pm – Windsurfing Hydrofoil Demo
4:00pm – Windsurfing Foil Dash
6:30pm – BBQ Starts at Elwood Sailing Club

On The Day…

** FREE Kids Windsurfing Lessons
** Hydrofoil Presentation and Clinic
** Hydrofoil Windsurfing Dash
** FREE BBQ at Elwood Sailing Club (NB, Drinks at Bar Prices)