Flight School Lands at The Zu


For the ultimate rush, The ZU Boardsports and Slingshot Kiteboarding brings you Kiteboard Foil lessons at our new FLIGHT SCHOOL in St Kilda.


Learn to Foil with The ZU

The Zu Boardsports exclusive Flight School Foiling program takes much of the pain and frustration out of learning to foil. You wouldn’t learn your first kite skills with a full size kite, so why learn the basics of foiling with a full size mast? It will take you 3 steps to get to riding the full size foil.

With the Slingshot Hover Glide program, we will use three supplemental masts (15, 24 and 30 inch) in addition to the full 35.5-inch one that come stock with your foil. The advantage to start with a shorter, more manageable mast and progress in length as your skills progress will help dramatically in developing the basic coordination and muscle memory required to become a proficient foiler. Our qualified Foil instructors will also use a water-proof headset system to guide you through this process and will have you up and foiling in no time !

Book your foil lessons now using our highly qualified instructors on top quality equipment.

1 hour $129

3 hours $349

The ZU is also offering a special Slingshot equipment package deal for $2199 , when you buy this package, you’ll get usage of the 3 additional masts for free ! (limited availability) Check here !

Slingshot’s Learn to Fly – Foiling Flight School from Slingshot Kite on Vimeo.

The ZU Flight School Lesson Program

Taxi Stage $129 (one hour lesson)


15-inch mast

Getting a feel for how your foil behaves is much easier, and safer, with a shorter and more manageable mast. This stage is called the Taxi stage, as in an airplane taxiing around the runway. Our instructor will introduce the 15-inch mast and will teach you how to master the basic foiling skills like how to properly carry your foil, how to swim and body drag with it, how to get it in position to water start and how to get it under your feet and moving through the water. With a shorter mast, you’ll learn these basic steps much faster and easier than if you were struggling with a full-size one. Once you’re comfortable with the foil beneath your feet, have a basic understanding of how it behaves, can taxi back and forth like a regular surfboard and are able to ride short distances out of the water via the foil, you’ll be ready to graduate to the 24-inch mast.


Touch-&-Go Stage $129 (one hour lesson)


24 -inch mast

The instructor will introduce the 24-inch mast which is an invaluable tool in earing your first extended foil rides. As you rise and fall off of the water and begin to foil longer in between, you’ll appreciate the easier handling a shorter mast provides. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you get the hang of foiling and will fall in love with the feeling of silently and smoothly gliding over the water. Once you’re getting extended and controlled rides without touching down on the water, you’ll be ready for the full 30-inch mast.

The 24-inch mast is also a good long-term option for kiters who frequent shallow water and want a little extra room between their foil and the ground.



Solo Stage $129 (one hour lesson)


30-inch mast

Our instructor will now help you work your way up to the 30-inch mast, you’ll truly appreciate the Learn to Fly program and the easy progression it provided. You’ll know how to get the foil into position, how to get up properly, how to balance you center of gravity and will be ready for longer and longer rides. At this point you’ll be hooked on foiling, and best of all you will have skipped the frustrating and often painful process many people endured in learning on a full-sized setup. Once you’re comfortable foiling in mixed conditions, carving upwind, cruising downwind and touching down for basic transitions you’ll be ready to graduate to the full 35.5-inch foil.

The 30-inch masts is also a good long-term option for kiters who frequent shallow water and want a little extra room between their foil and the ground.

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