Summer Clearance 2018

Windsurfing Foil Demo Day – Sat 16th Dec 2017

With so much buzz around the surf industry about Foils and Foilboarding The Zu Boardsports is proud to hold a season opener Windsurfing Foiling Demo Day.

Major Brands will be available for demo on the day. These include Starboard, Fanatic, Slingshot and Naish.

Elwood Beach – In Front of the Elwood Sailing Club

Activities begin
12:30pm – Free Kids Windsurf Lessons
2:30pm – Windsurfing Hydrofoil Presentation and Clinic
3:00pm – Windsurfing Hydrofoil Demo
4:00pm – Windsurfing Foil Dash
6:30pm – BBQ Starts at Elwood Sailing Club

On The Day…

** FREE Kids Windsurfing Lessons
** Hydrofoil Presentation and Clinic
** Hydrofoil Windsurfing Dash
** FREE BBQ at Elwood Sailing Club (NB, Drinks at Bar Prices)

2017/18 SUP DEMO DAY – Starboard / Fanatic

Port Phillip Bay is perhaps one of the most suitable Stand Up Paddle boarding locations in Victoria. It offers protected spots to paddle when its windy from most wind directions, making Stand Up Paddle boarding still one of the most easy, accessible and FUN sports you can get into!

This year we are offering a Demo Day combining two of the worlds most popular brands in Stand Up Paddling, Starboard and Fanatic.

DEMO DAY 2018!


Come and demo the 2018 board and paddle range from Starboard and Fanatic.

Sunday’s Weather Forecast is 26deg and Light winds 

The ZU Boardsports is located at:

330 Beaconsfield Pde St Kilda.

Boards available:

Stubby ltd 8’7
Stylemaster Ltd 10’6
Stylemaster Pure 10’
Stylemaster Pure 9’0
Diamond Pure touring 10’6
Pure diamond 10’6
Prove Ltd 8’8
Prove Ltd 9’2
All Wave 8’9
Falcon 14 x 24.75
Strike 14 x 24


8’0″ Pro
8’5″ Pro
8’5″ Nut
10’0″ Nut
10’5″ Wide Point
12 x 30 Touring
10 x 35 Whopper
14 x 27 Ace
14 x 26 AllStar
9’0″ Hypernut
8’6″ Hypernut
10’5″ Drive
9’0″ Converse
8’10” Wide Point
9’5″ Wide Point
9’5″ Whopper
10’0″ Whopper