How Fit Do You Need to be to Kitesurf?

Kitesurfing is a watersport powered by the wind that uses a kite and a board to propel you across the water. Despite the name, it doesn’t need to involve wave surfing – kitesurfing can be done on mirror-flat lagoons, as well as in seas or big waves. You just need wind and water.

You have watched action movies and air contests, stood on the beach, and wondered why the kite’s lines didn’t get tangled. You also wonder whether you could learn to do the same.

Anyone who appreciates kitesurfing will agree that basic instruction is necessary. A good instructor will not only get you riding as soon as possible, but they will also teach you important safety tips and techniques. Join Kitesurfing Lessons in Melbourne. Without the proper knowledge, you are a threat to yourself and every other person on the water and ocean side.

You can start going faster, jumping, doing freestyle tricks, riding high waves, and going on long along the coast once you know how to ride along safely and stay upwind.

How fit do you need to be?

To kitesurf, you don’t need to be super fit. Additionally, you won’t need a lot of muscle strength because the kitesurfing kit is light. However, a general level of fitness will help you progress faster, provide you more stamina on the water and help you avoid injuries.

Make sure that you can communicate freely with your instructor. In addition, don’t be afraid to ask about the kitesurfing kit you will be using. The best way to learn is with new equipment that’s in good condition, and beginners should always be provided with flotation vests and helmets. Learning with low-quality equipment is not recommended.

A standard beginner’s course is divided into three elements:

  • Launching, landing and kite control on the land
  • Flying a kite in the water: body dragging, control, and re-launching
  • Riding on the board

Learning to kitesurfing helps prevent serious injuries and get the most out of your lessons. Your experienced instructor will begin by teaching you how to assess the area for safe kiting conditions, including reading the wind strength and direction and understanding the tides. Knowing how to kitesurf properly will enhance your confidence when you head out on your own.

Ready to Fly over the Water?

Join Kitesurfing Lessons in Melbourne. Whether you have never touched a kite before or want to try a different style of kitesurfing, we have something for you. All you need to do is book a time. Contact us today to know more about our easy to join Kitesurfing lessons.

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